Holiday Cookie Traditions

One of my favorite holiday traditions is make Christmas cookies. Whenever we were little cutout cookies were alway the highlight of baking season because we were able to pick out whatever cutouts we wanted and decorate them with fun icing and sprinkles.

cookie cutter

Every year I look for a new kind of cookie to make in search of new traditions. A few years ago it was meringues which turned out to be a lot harder to make that I expected! Last year it was chocolate brownie cut out cookies.cut out cookiesThis year I decided to be ambitious again and try to make homemade oreos  from Smitten Kitchen. I had been eyeing up this recipe for sometime and finally decided it was time. Needless to say we have a winner! These homemade oreos are a game changer (and not just around the holidays)! I would make the cookies without the icing for a nice chocolaty treat. Of course they don’t end up as perfect as the store bought cookie but they sure are tasty!

What new holiday cookie recipes  did you try this year?

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