res·o·lu·tion \re-zə-ˈlü-shən\

Every year in January resolutions are made to change habits and become better at daily tasks. A few months later resolutions have fallen by the wayside and it’s back to old habits. What if you didn’t wait until January to start new resolutions?

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We have become very successful practicing all year round resolution making. Last year we decided that we were going to buy a house within the next year which lead to months of being conservative with our spending. We are now happy homeowners! (Part of the reason why the blog has been slow this year, now that we are settled in I am back!)

In December I finished reading the book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion which was an eye opening look into how the fashion industry has moved away from quality to quantity. After learning where my clothes were coming from I decided to stop buying new clothes/shoes/accessories for 6 months. It seems like a long time but it hasn’t been too difficult, I have been shopping in my closet and I really don’t even miss buying clothes! During this time I have been teaching myself how to sew. My first project was an apron, I found the pattern from whollyKao. I am looking forward to new projects over the next few months!

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6 months ago whenever the weather was turning cold I decided to join the gym again (since our lovely evening walks were coming to an end). The gym has not only helped me become more fit but also has is an outlet to get my mind off of  work. Instead of vowing to go to the gym every day (which I knew would be an unrealistic goal) I made a decision to go at least 3 days a week, anything beyond that is extra credit. Prior to starting I had always dreaded going to the gym, it was more of a chore than something I enjoyed. Thankfully there is an awesome class at lunch that I have been attending. Class provides the accountability factor that the treadmill does not and Adrienne, who teaches the class is great at providing a great variety of workouts as well as motivation!

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These are a few things I have started over the last year, I find it is easier to make one commitment at a time to change. What resolutions have you made in the past year that you are still going strong with?

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