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New Journey

  A lot has happened in the past year and a half. We have started to explore new cooking methods such as the recent addition of a pressure cooker. As we look to expand our knowledge in the kitchen we are simplifying our lives and focusing on the things that really matter. At the end of the day you define what perfection means to you. Here’s to living the perfectly imperfect life.

Gar·den \ˈgär-dən\

Our evenings and weekends have been filled with family and friends as well as caring for our gardens. Whenever we moved into our new house in March winter was ending, we had no idea how many beautiful gardens we had until everything thawed and started to grow.

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Growing up outside of the city, I enjoyed gardening with my dad. Whenever we were little we had our own garden plots where we could plant a small vegetable garden. I looked forward to having my own garden one day. This year we have opted to not have a CSA and to grow our own vegetables. Within the upcoming weeks our harvest will be ready!



We are fortunate that our gardens have so many perennials. It is obvious that the previous owners enjoyed the gardens. Everything is timed perfectly, since the daffodils and lilies started to bloom a day has not passed where we were without flowers blooming.



I enjoy being able to go outside and pick flowers to have as a centerpiece instead of purchasing flowers at the store. (Who knows where they came from and how much energy it took to ship them!)



We have also enjoyed the “wildlife” in our yard and gardens. There was a nest of baby robins under our deck, they have since left the nest, it was fun seeing them grow!

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After a long day at work it is relaxing to come home and spend time outside. What are your favorite things to plant?

Adding a Little Spring to Your Doorstep

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy at work. Luckily I was able to find some time for a quick art project. Since spring has finally arrived I decided it was time to update our front door wreath. Seeing that apartment life does not allow us to have an extensive amount of storage space, I decided to make a wreath for winter/fall and another for spring/summer. Here is what our fall/winter wreath looked like.


Sometimes it seems to take longer to pick out the items for the project than it does to complete it, which is all part of the fun! When it comes to door decorations, I believe less is more; you should keep it simple but make a statement.

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